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VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 3/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

Humanity's Lens (A Common thread for Everyone !)

"Humanitarian Lens (A Uniting Common thread within each and everyone of us)"


INSIGHT No 3  Covid-19 is a Pandemic with a Momentous Humanitarian Problem aftermath!  To forge the best path out of the pandemic would require a state Govt to also adapt it’s leadership responses and actions from a humanitarian frame of reference…     

Acknowledging the real problem through a pandemic/ humanitarian lens simply mean that the real absolute solution lies within our humanity as a species to adapt as a community coherently in unity, and innovate ideas/treatments/solutions  to overcome Covid-19.  As we know Govt leadership is paramount  to the success by which the community weathers through and emerges out of the pandemic. 

A government which recognises this with deep clarity, understanding, & compassion adapts their leadership actions and responses based on pristine science/health advice which may be easily contaminated at times by corporate, political pressures.  Adopting a Humanitarian Govt type leadership is also required to avoid potential catastrophic problems which may arise induced by excessive / prolonged human suffering from an individual and community level.  A Govt must be astutely aware not to cause further suffering direct or indirectly to any part of our society already suffering & struggling during this pandemic. 

Humanitarian Aspect 

On an individual human level -  COVID-19  will ultimately bring out the best and worse in each and every single person as the virus gains traction in every corner of our community instilling fear and suffering in our collective humanity whilst creating separation between people due to indifferences held for whatever reason.

Through our collective shared sufferings together, The community, the people have fundamentally bestowed  their greatest human assets ( whether some know it or not ) in a form of TRUST,  PERSONAL HEALTH, and ultimately their FUTURE trusting a government have their best interest at heart in return.  SUFFERING is what makes us all Humans. It is our common thread in our humanity that helps us see the vulnerable within ourselves , and shed compassion for others, this is humanity at its best.  The opposite can also occur -  undue/ unjust suffering  can bring out the worst in ourselves, causing conflict & division within our community, which leads to chaos and more suffering. It is a destructive cycle that can have a snowballing effect, which must be avoided at all cost if we want to forge the best way out of the pandemic.  GOVT leadership actions at the top must strive to inspire with unity, disallowing division to thrive, and alleviate suffering where possible for it’s people for undue unjust suffering can create divisiveness vice versa. 

VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 2/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 2/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

INSIGHT No 2  A multidisciplinary approach to mitigate Covid-19 is still the best strategy given current vaccine technology and properties...

  • The ultimate QUESTION TO ASK is how much reliance should be placed  on vaccines is determined by specific key features mentioned previously (i.e. efficacy, robustness/ versatility, transmission mitigation, effectiveness over time) AND also known side effects ( Long term, Short term). 

  • Analogous to managing a complex tricky chronic condition, the best strategy to manage and mitigate COVID-19 in our population is a MULTIDISCIPLINARY Mitigation Approach Strategy  i.e. Human technological innovations such as Covid Apps,  Human Adaptive behaviour of Unity, Effective vaccines for the VULNERABLE , Social distancing, Innovated masks,  Covid-19 testing most of which we are already accustomed to which can be further improved upon in response  to assessment of new virulent qualities of the new variants… 

    I  re-emphasise that it’s a multidisciplinary approach, not heavily relying on vaccines yet considering vaccines still need to be innovated to the SPECIFIC FEATURES mentioned above, we can observe transmission still is happening despite high vaccination rates… 

    1.   Covid App / Bluetooth Technology :  A Covid App utilising bluetooth technology designed specifically to achieve highest of  precision & sensitivity of detection of covid within our community, we can significantly reduce the negative economic impact of large lockdowns.  

           -     A Clever Idea is to incorporate all the best features of the world's existing covid apps where possible that have been effective to this date into one App. 

    • Incorporation of Clinical questions in relation to Covid-19 and risk assessment incorporated into the app system. 
    • Positive reward systems to ensure high and effective compliance / negative penalty system to enhance compliance if required can also be incorporated to the design of these apps.  

    2022 Changes to SEE & FEEL Your very best in !


    Eyeporium Optometrist | Eyewear Box | Covid -19 Safety


    We seek to adapt our ways in 2022 to ensure all of our clients keep receiving Customised Personalised Vision Solution (CPVS) whilst ensuring we provide you excellence in your eyecare experience & best safety against Covid-19.  After all we want you to See and Feel your very best , Truely :-)  Pleased to announce 2022 Changes to SEE & FEEL Your very best in ! 


    Star Complementary Eyewear Styling for everyone ! ( subject to availability ) 


    Star All Face to Face eye examination will take place on our newly designed outdoor eye- practice.  


    Star Snap-shot of Eyewear Styling Boxes prepared specially for you & 

     Free Quote based on your style and budget will be provided prior to your face to face eye examination with our Optometrist. 

    No obligation , No pressure, No Sales Tactics !  That's the Eyeporium Way !


    VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 1/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

    VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 1/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

    " For me , Seeing and Feeling my very Best ultimately means not only to see with the sharpest of detail through your glasses, but also to see the absolute TRUTH in SCIENCE (evidence based where possible) through a common thread of LIFE in all of us called HUMANITY " - Richie Tan

    Please See & Feel the considerations & impacts  of uncontrolled Covid-19 circulating in our community. 

    • Short Term /  Long Term  Community Health
    • Short Term /  Long Term Economic Health 
    • Community Mental Health ( Fear based)  
    • Poverty, Crime Rates, Domestic Violence,  Divisiveness, Democracy 
    • Ongoing impacts on human deaths ( immeasurable), constant reinfection (vaccinated or not) and it’s effective management. 
    • Ongoing impacts on vaccination status based on future variants? 

    See, it’s not difficult to see the interconnectedness of the above considerations / impacts tied closely, and sensitively together. 

    How it plays out in our community ( resultant dynamics ) will be determined by key properties / features of the current Vaccines used by our community. 

    If Current Vaccine doesn’t have properties of immune robustness against rising mutated variants, doesn’t have the ability to stop virus transmission effectively within the population and declines in effectivity over 3-6 months with new variants. 

    A rising mutated Variant will cause more Hospitalisations & Deaths despite high vaccination rates within the population.  

    If these deaths & hospitalisations are significant and prolonged, it will ultimately create a rising division of vaccinated vs unvaccinated population.  This could potentially be a bigger problem when another Covid variant arrives with a higher mortality rate etc…  ( A future that has negative impact on everyone ! )

    Key Elements /  SPECIFIC properties of Vaccine technology / treatments must be met before we cease elimination strategy. 

    • Versatility / Robustness with other Covid-19 variants !
    • Protection with the very vulnerable (perhaps a unique alternative treatment to aid with immunocompromised patients ) 
    • Choices of vaccines available not just MRNA , need to be approved asap,  a customised personalised vaccine solution approach for the entire population through both modern & traditional vaccine mechanisms.
    • Vaccines must have the ability to BLOCK  Virus transmission, ineffective to do so will entail a population that is constantly presented and reinfected with the virus over and over again making Herd Immunity difficult to achieve, whilst creating unnecessary division and chaos in our community ( Division is Covid-19 greatest ally !)  
    • Effective Immunity that lasts a long time ( adaptive immune response ) - Vaccinating an entire population every 3-4 months may prove difficult, impractical, and potentially have unwanted side effects not thoroughly studied. 
    Potential ACTION PLAN :  Global Governmental pressure to innovate vaccine technology to ensure above specific criterias are met with Vaccines.     

    Telehealth Optometry explained …

    Eyeporium optometrist new farm

    On today’s blog / post. I’d like to provide more information and ultimately better understanding about our unique way of providing personalised eyecare services at Eyeporium Optometrist.

    There had been quite a number of clients consistently rocking up at our office with no appointments. Whilst we use to have a proper store, during uncertain times of Covid- 19 we’ve moved into a clinic/ showroom setting to provide CPVS( customised personalised vision solution ) to all our clients in a more personalised way.

    As a result we will be with you every step of your eyecare journey. Your eyecare journey starts with a Telehealth / Optometry Styling Consultation.

    Telehealth Optometry / Styling consultations explained…

    Our clients who come to see us have eye problems that have persisted undiagnosed and miscorrected with times of hopeless perseverance and visual suffering 🥺
    Eye fatigue , headaches, blurry vision, feelings of my glasses isn’t quite right are common signs why our clients come to see us at Eyeporium optometrist.

    Telehealth optometry - allows us to effectively assess & plan your unique CPVS tailored to your own needs and requirements. I strongly believe in doing it once and doing it BEST in optometry. Minimises extra visits and extra face time #covid safe 😀

    Huge thanks to our client for allowing us to use his candid photo during our Telehealth appt. Such a great pleasure to be able to help people see and feel their best !

    See and Feel Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist “ Where fashion eyewear meets your personality” www.eyeporium.com.au

    Personal Value

    Eyeporium Optometrist New Farm
    Do you know the TRUE VALUE of your glasses ? Do you know how this overlaps with your own set of unique Personal Values as a person, which fundamentally determines who you really are authentically.

    If you can answer these simple questions for yourself you would find out how well your pair of lookers give ⭐️ Personal Value to you.

    Does your glasses give you the best vision and best comfort all day and all night ?

    ‘Through our ⭐️ CPVS - we are able to tailor an eyecare solution unique to you so that your vision requirements /demands are met and more... this naturally equates perceiving the world with sharpness and detail and for some people enhance their productivity as a result.

    Do you wear your glasses and own it by that we mean wearing it, as if it’s part of your own style and unique personality? Do you wear it with much pride, confidence and joy ?

    If you can truely say YES YES and oh Yes to these questions, that’s what we mean by ⭐️ Personal Value. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ pillars of Eyeporium.

    See and Feel Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist “ Where fashion eyewear meets your personality” www.eyeporium.com.au

    Want to know our company secret ?

    Want to know our company secret ?
    Company SECRET ....

    Life is to short for ugly glasses ...

    Coke Bottled Glasses who wants or needs them ?


    At Eyeporium Optometrist we specialise in complex high prescriptions whilst ensuring you don’t end up having  ⬆️ (Coke Bottled Glasses) Because , we want to ensure you see and feel your very best. That was our mission in the first place and that will never ever change ...

    See and Feel Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist “ Where fashion eyewear meets your personality www.eyeporium.com.au

    There is no perfect eyewear only perfect eyewear Luv Matches...

    There is no perfect eyewear only perfect eyewear Luv Matches...
    There is absolutely NO VALUE a pair of glasses have for the wrong person. Just ask a person given the wrong spectacle prescription or the wrong style of eyewear 😉

    In general perfection is hard to come by, we can only STRiVE and give our 1000% best to give you the best eyecare service so that you meet your PERFECT eyewear LuVMatch that suits your personality, style and vision requirements taking into account the unique human individual you are.

    See & Feel Your Best @EyepOrium oPtometrist “Where fashion eyewear meets your personality”

    Complimentary Digital Retinal Photography @ Eyeporium Optometrist

    Diabetic Retinopathy Digital retinal photography During our shared moments of struggles with Covid-19. Where suffering and struggles may either unite us or break us.
    We see and feel the importance to be genuine and even more supportive of one another and as a company that has been created to provide genuine eyecare to our community through the 4 pillars of honesty, integrity, love and excellence in the last 3 years. We have since innovated , and adapted our optometry ways to suit our clients and staffs basic needs. That is to be safe and healthy during the course of this pandemic. We are pleased to announce that all our clients will be receiving a complimentary DRS Digital Retinal Photography used to effectively detect macular degeneration, diabetic changes in the eye , and glaucoma. Three most common cause of blindness in Australia which are preventable through early detection.

    pS this is a wonder machine that eliminates us optometrists getting to close to see the back of your eyes 👀 as much as we love getting up close and personal.  Its just not the right time for that now 😄

    See and Feel
    Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist "Where
    fashion eyewear meets your personality"
    www.eyeporium.com.au. #safety #kindness #love #excellence