Coming out in the New Year 2019 with a Bigger, Better, Bolder Eyeporium

From January....  We are evolving our company to better serve you...   

This includes but not limited to... 

1. Continued - Stocking of the best of  mid-range Branded eyewear, and the very best  of Luxury-range Branded Eyewear.

2. Hiring fabulous and passionate retail staff, to help and serve our fabulous customers and to re-define  the "See and Feel Your Best Eye-Test Experience".  

3.  Revamping our website, for a sleeker and newer look. 

4.  Implementing, a more proficient, and effective internal system so that spectacle jobs are processed flawlessly, precisely, and thus avoiding delays. 

5. We realise that in business, that teaming up with the right business partners can break it or make it for our business, as such we are working extra hard on teaming up with companies of integrity and excellence,  so that our vision and mission as a company that is to serve you, and to add immense value to your lives actualises. 

6.  Last but not least of all,  we are soon to launch our Facebook and Instagram platform.  This is the whole heart and core of our Company, and the reason why we are here.  Because for us,  it's never just about seeing your best, It's also how you feel that matters the most.  

"Because before the fabulous word was even invented, you perhaps already felt it  - Wink wink-   RT 

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