Complimentary Digital Retinal Photography @ Eyeporium Optometrist

Diabetic Retinopathy Digital retinal photography During our shared moments of struggles with Covid-19. Where suffering and struggles may either unite us or break us.
We see and feel the importance to be genuine and even more supportive of one another and as a company that has been created to provide genuine eyecare to our community through the 4 pillars of honesty, integrity, love and excellence in the last 3 years. We have since innovated , and adapted our optometry ways to suit our clients and staffs basic needs. That is to be safe and healthy during the course of this pandemic. We are pleased to announce that all our clients will be receiving a complimentary DRS Digital Retinal Photography used to effectively detect macular degeneration, diabetic changes in the eye , and glaucoma. Three most common cause of blindness in Australia which are preventable through early detection.

pS this is a wonder machine that eliminates us optometrists getting to close to see the back of your eyes 👀 as much as we love getting up close and personal.  Its just not the right time for that now 😄

See and Feel
Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist "Where
fashion eyewear meets your personality" #safety #kindness #love #excellence



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