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Eyeporium Optometrist  - Fashion Eyewear and Glasses

Eyeporium Optometrist

Here at Eyeporium, We stand for Triple V, that is value to you, value to our community, and value to our company, a scenario that benefits everyone and not just our company, since we are founded and created to serve YOU. We want to create a platform for you so that you can use this to illuminate our community with your own personality...

Eyeporium: " So I guess one of the 1st question that comes to mind is why did you choose us, and what did you think of our CPE (Customised Personalised Optometry Eye-Test Experience). Is there anything you’d like to share to our audience, the key differences to your experience and how this may benefit the general public as a whole ? "

Alex: " A close friend of mine recommended Emporium after receiving excellent service himself, so the direct answer here is word of mouth. Eyeporium's CPE is second to none as Richmond took me through all the options available, evaluated each and provided clear direction as to where he felt the best way forward was. This differs to my past experiences where technology was limited and this kind of service simply wasn't possible, specifically in regards to testing and evaluation of different lenses both for spectacles and contacts."

Eyeporium: "We are all about creating value to our customers, uplifting our customers through photographic memories/photos,and wise wisdom exchanged. We all know knowledge is power, and certain knowledge can change a persons world for the better. What specific knowledge have you learnt do you wish to share to our community?"

Alex : "Keep true to what you know is going to work and even when some part of a process fails, work your way around it and reach a solution via a different path. "

Eyeporium: " Is there a story you wish to share, or circumstances you wish to impart."

Alex: "My personal requirements for glasses and contact lenses could be described as exceptionally difficult, given the specific lenses and frames required and the fact that no records were kept by the previous lens manufacturer of my existing solution. Richmond was able to replicate and vastly improve on my old solution through a process of trial and error that lasted some time. This was no fault of Richmond's and his exceptional patience and willingness to work around considerable difficulties in the early stages of testing are proof to the quality of service provided through Eyeporium's CPE. "

Eyeporium " If seeing is believing. What do you believe about seeing your absolute best and feeling your best meant for you? "

Alex: " It means I now no longer have to worry about scratching my glasses when using my digital cameras, which is a practical and physical benefit to me. The end result for me was a premium solution utilising the best lenses available in the industry and the clarity that those lenses now provide means that I'm able to feel see the best I can. "

Thank you for this Interview : See and Feel Your Best to All

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