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On today’s blog / post. I’d like to provide more information and ultimately better understanding about our unique way of providing personalised eyecare services at Eyeporium Optometrist.

There had been quite a number of clients consistently rocking up at our office with no appointments. Whilst we use to have a proper store, during uncertain times of Covid- 19 we’ve moved into a clinic/ showroom setting to provide CPVS( customised personalised vision solution ) to all our clients in a more personalised way.

As a result we will be with you every step of your eyecare journey. Your eyecare journey starts with a Telehealth / Optometry Styling Consultation.

Telehealth Optometry / Styling consultations explained…

Our clients who come to see us have eye problems that have persisted undiagnosed and miscorrected with times of hopeless perseverance and visual suffering 🥺
Eye fatigue , headaches, blurry vision, feelings of my glasses isn’t quite right are common signs why our clients come to see us at Eyeporium optometrist.

Telehealth optometry - allows us to effectively assess & plan your unique CPVS tailored to your own needs and requirements. I strongly believe in doing it once and doing it BEST in optometry. Minimises extra visits and extra face time #covid safe 😀

Huge thanks to our client for allowing us to use his candid photo during our Telehealth appt. Such a great pleasure to be able to help people see and feel their best !

See and Feel Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist “ Where fashion eyewear meets your personality”

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