VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 1/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 1/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

" For me , Seeing and Feeling my very Best ultimately means not only to see with the sharpest of detail through your glasses, but also to see the absolute TRUTH in SCIENCE (evidence based where possible) through a common thread of LIFE in all of us called HUMANITY " - Richie Tan

Please See & Feel the considerations & impacts  of uncontrolled Covid-19 circulating in our community. 

  • Short Term /  Long Term  Community Health
  • Short Term /  Long Term Economic Health 
  • Community Mental Health ( Fear based)  
  • Poverty, Crime Rates, Domestic Violence,  Divisiveness, Democracy 
  • Ongoing impacts on human deaths ( immeasurable), constant reinfection (vaccinated or not) and it’s effective management. 
  • Ongoing impacts on vaccination status based on future variants? 

See, it’s not difficult to see the interconnectedness of the above considerations / impacts tied closely, and sensitively together. 

How it plays out in our community ( resultant dynamics ) will be determined by key properties / features of the current Vaccines used by our community. 

If Current Vaccine doesn’t have properties of immune robustness against rising mutated variants, doesn’t have the ability to stop virus transmission effectively within the population and declines in effectivity over 3-6 months with new variants. 

A rising mutated Variant will cause more Hospitalisations & Deaths despite high vaccination rates within the population.  

If these deaths & hospitalisations are significant and prolonged, it will ultimately create a rising division of vaccinated vs unvaccinated population.  This could potentially be a bigger problem when another Covid variant arrives with a higher mortality rate etc…  ( A future that has negative impact on everyone ! )

Key Elements /  SPECIFIC properties of Vaccine technology / treatments must be met before we cease elimination strategy. 

  • Versatility / Robustness with other Covid-19 variants !
  • Protection with the very vulnerable (perhaps a unique alternative treatment to aid with immunocompromised patients ) 
  • Choices of vaccines available not just MRNA , need to be approved asap,  a customised personalised vaccine solution approach for the entire population through both modern & traditional vaccine mechanisms.
  • Vaccines must have the ability to BLOCK  Virus transmission, ineffective to do so will entail a population that is constantly presented and reinfected with the virus over and over again making Herd Immunity difficult to achieve, whilst creating unnecessary division and chaos in our community ( Division is Covid-19 greatest ally !)  
  • Effective Immunity that lasts a long time ( adaptive immune response ) - Vaccinating an entire population every 3-4 months may prove difficult, impractical, and potentially have unwanted side effects not thoroughly studied. 
Potential ACTION PLAN :  Global Governmental pressure to innovate vaccine technology to ensure above specific criterias are met with Vaccines.     
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