VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 2/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 2/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

INSIGHT No 2  A multidisciplinary approach to mitigate Covid-19 is still the best strategy given current vaccine technology and properties...

  • The ultimate QUESTION TO ASK is how much reliance should be placed  on vaccines is determined by specific key features mentioned previously (i.e. efficacy, robustness/ versatility, transmission mitigation, effectiveness over time) AND also known side effects ( Long term, Short term). 

  • Analogous to managing a complex tricky chronic condition, the best strategy to manage and mitigate COVID-19 in our population is a MULTIDISCIPLINARY Mitigation Approach Strategy  i.e. Human technological innovations such as Covid Apps,  Human Adaptive behaviour of Unity, Effective vaccines for the VULNERABLE , Social distancing, Innovated masks,  Covid-19 testing most of which we are already accustomed to which can be further improved upon in response  to assessment of new virulent qualities of the new variants… 

    I  re-emphasise that it’s a multidisciplinary approach, not heavily relying on vaccines yet considering vaccines still need to be innovated to the SPECIFIC FEATURES mentioned above, we can observe transmission still is happening despite high vaccination rates… 

    1.   Covid App / Bluetooth Technology :  A Covid App utilising bluetooth technology designed specifically to achieve highest of  precision & sensitivity of detection of covid within our community, we can significantly reduce the negative economic impact of large lockdowns.  

           -     A Clever Idea is to incorporate all the best features of the world's existing covid apps where possible that have been effective to this date into one App. 

    • Incorporation of Clinical questions in relation to Covid-19 and risk assessment incorporated into the app system. 
    • Positive reward systems to ensure high and effective compliance / negative penalty system to enhance compliance if required can also be incorporated to the design of these apps.  
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