VISION / Insights 🦠 👓 ( 3/7) through a Humanitarian-Science Lens

Humanity's Lens (A Common thread for Everyone !)

"Humanitarian Lens (A Uniting Common thread within each and everyone of us)"


INSIGHT No 3  Covid-19 is a Pandemic with a Momentous Humanitarian Problem aftermath!  To forge the best path out of the pandemic would require a state Govt to also adapt it’s leadership responses and actions from a humanitarian frame of reference…     

Acknowledging the real problem through a pandemic/ humanitarian lens simply mean that the real absolute solution lies within our humanity as a species to adapt as a community coherently in unity, and innovate ideas/treatments/solutions  to overcome Covid-19.  As we know Govt leadership is paramount  to the success by which the community weathers through and emerges out of the pandemic. 

A government which recognises this with deep clarity, understanding, & compassion adapts their leadership actions and responses based on pristine science/health advice which may be easily contaminated at times by corporate, political pressures.  Adopting a Humanitarian Govt type leadership is also required to avoid potential catastrophic problems which may arise induced by excessive / prolonged human suffering from an individual and community level.  A Govt must be astutely aware not to cause further suffering direct or indirectly to any part of our society already suffering & struggling during this pandemic. 

Humanitarian Aspect 

On an individual human level -  COVID-19  will ultimately bring out the best and worse in each and every single person as the virus gains traction in every corner of our community instilling fear and suffering in our collective humanity whilst creating separation between people due to indifferences held for whatever reason.

Through our collective shared sufferings together, The community, the people have fundamentally bestowed  their greatest human assets ( whether some know it or not ) in a form of TRUST,  PERSONAL HEALTH, and ultimately their FUTURE trusting a government have their best interest at heart in return.  SUFFERING is what makes us all Humans. It is our common thread in our humanity that helps us see the vulnerable within ourselves , and shed compassion for others, this is humanity at its best.  The opposite can also occur -  undue/ unjust suffering  can bring out the worst in ourselves, causing conflict & division within our community, which leads to chaos and more suffering. It is a destructive cycle that can have a snowballing effect, which must be avoided at all cost if we want to forge the best way out of the pandemic.  GOVT leadership actions at the top must strive to inspire with unity, disallowing division to thrive, and alleviate suffering where possible for it’s people for undue unjust suffering can create divisiveness vice versa. 

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