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At Eyeporium, we know that choosing a great pair of glasses isn’t rocket science. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed by choice, pressured to pick the least worst option, or confronted with a memorable lack of service.

But lucky for you, there’s the old way, and then there’s the Eyeporium way.

Instead of the same old frames you see everyone wearing, we’ve got a hand-picked designer selection, carefully curated to ensure you get the right kind of choice.

Instead of having to figure out which glasses suit your look and your lifestyle on your own, we’ve got a free styling session, designed to identify your perfect eye-match. (And trust us, we know what looks good, and we’ll make you look fabulous).

And instead of service that makes you feel like just another human attached to a pair of glasses, we treat you like the unique individual you are, with eye tests that are comprehensive and highly detailed, yet quick, stress free and fun.

It’s all our way of making you look, feel, and see your absolute best.

Clearer vision never looked – or felt – so good.

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