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Modo Eyewear


What a truly heart felt and touching experience to "See And Feel "the genuine love of a daughter for her mom. One of our very earliest lovely client has returned bringing her mom with her for a dual eye-examination. This modo eyewear screaming  with elegance, style and full comfort along with its side kick rodenstock german premium lenses found its arms to their perfect eyewear wearer. It was a gift from daughter to mother. Having a mom is a previledge of a lifetime that cannot be taken for granted. Happy Mothers Day to all Amazing Mothers out there  See and Feel Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist "Where fashion eyewear meets your Personality" www.eyeporium.com.au

 Boheme Eyewear | Glasses


Standard multifocals. 50 % Distance and 50 % Reading Glasses . Miss Boheme Eyewear  is grateful to find her new eye ownerz. Shes unique in her colour and shape which created a new look that quickly grows on you. See and Feel Your Best @ Eyeporium Optometrist. "Where fashion eyewear meets your Personality" www.eyeporium.com.au


Coco Song Eyewear & Glasses

We can't wait for these double Coco Songs Multifocals to be picked up by their rightful owner. 
We've customised a rightful balance of 50/50 distance and reading vision. Two pairs one outdoors and one indoors. We've picked these colourful coco songs to suit a personality that is both vibrant and elegant. When your personality merges with the perfect frame that you can confidently wear everyday. Thats vision empowerment  #CPVS /customised personalised vision solution #eyeporium #optometrist #cocosongs #eyewear

Kenzo Eyewear & Glasses

Somethings are best left simple. No customisation here, Miss Kenzo eyewear just wants to read at arms length. Though personlisation with functionality and style wont go astray... She is proud to be authentically made in France. See and Feel Your Best at Eyeporium Optometrist " Where Fashion Eyewear Meets Your Personality" www.eyeporium.com.au

Wayne Cooper Optix Eyewear & Glasses

High astigmatism... . Requires very precise and pedantic measurements to maximise eye comfort and vision. Here at Eyeporium we love to give spontaneous surprise complimentaries and discounts to keep our customers feeling happy and ofcourse seeing their best too. Complimentary Premium Rodenstock lenses german engineered lenses. Weve Customised two pairs of clear single vision grnd distance glasses, and ensured we picked the right frames to match their personality. In addition we've perscribed comfortable daily contact lenses to help with sporting occasions. Customised Personalised Vision Solution (CPVS)www.eyeporium.com.au "Where fashion eyewear meets your personality"

Kenzo Eyewear & Glasses

CPVS SVD part of a set Distance and Computer glasses. Catered for Sharp and comfortable vision at all distances. See and Feel Your Best at Eyeporium Optometrist. www.eyeporium.com.au. 5 star pillars of Eyeporium



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