Five Star Pillars of Eyeporium Optometrist

5 Star Pillars

Gold Star5 Star Customised-Personalised Vision Solution (CPVS)

Eyes tested in the most precise and pedantic manner coupled with the recommendation of the best optical solution for you based on your individual vision requirement and environment all the way through to a complementary styling session by a personal stylist to ensure you pick designer glasses that fit your look, your face and your budget.  

We know you are unique and special, each in your own way, each with your own unique visual requirements that varies with your occupation, hobbies, and personal style.  Your own EYES are also unique.  - Samsung Phone Owners -You know this to be true ;-)

Our Solution ?   Eyeporium's CPVS (Customised Personalised Vision Solution)

We customise, personalise, and formulate the best vision solution tailored to your individual requirements and needs through an art form of balancing complex optical prescriptions, prescribing the right optical-lens design combination, precise-pedantic eye-testing and measurements and thus maximising your vision potential and achieving pure and full eye comfort till the end of the day.

Gold StarFirst Class Eye-Testing Experience

Complimentary beverages on arrival.  Gone are the old cramped and uncomfortable way of eye testing. Imagine business class spacious eye equipment tailored to your comfort.

Gold StarVariety & Uniquity 

{Fashion Labeled Designer Glasses & Eyewear}

@ Eyeporium we pride ourselves in stocking Branded Designer Fashion Eyewear that are of Premium Quality made by the most credible companies in the world from Japan, Italy, France & Austria to Korea to name a few....

We strive and do our very best to source frames that are LARGE , PETIT and UNIQUE in its own personality / character and style.

Gold StarPersonal Value

We place utmost significant importance in creating the best value for you through VISION & STYLE.  We see the world through our Eyes & Glasses.  The world Sees Us Back wearing them.  Immeasurable value is added to our lives when we SEE our Best & FEEL our Best (Eyeporium's Core Value).  To add more fun and value to our customers,  we even have a complimentary photo-shoot for the bold and the daring. T & C  Be a part of our Eyeporium uplifting-positive stylish community wink wink ;-) and visit us on FACEBOOK.

Gold StarFor Everybody & For You

While most companies like to focus on a segment of the market.  It is of personal mission of the company to serve & help everybody who value their eye-health and their style.  We handpick fashion designer eyewear from the most luxurious designer eyewear companies all the way through to the standard eyewear brands to suit everybody's budget and style.   You can check our economy and premium price lens list here on our website ( lens replacement on your own frames is available).   We also claim with all major health funds.    

We have your best interest at heart, which means we only recommend optical solutions that is for your own best interest not ours.  We believe that when it comes to health this is the right way that it should be. That's the Eyeporium Way. 

***Pleased to announce, we will have an assorted style of premium eyewear / frames at standard prices.  These lot of frames and eyewear are especially for true pensioners who wants to see their best and feel their best too. (To be Eligible: you must have a pension card and not own a fancy car :D)  Our Company believes everybody deserves a little bit of premium service, perfect vision and style once in a while.  

Ready to find designer frames that suit your vision and style?  

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