Hi, I’m Richie – Brisbane Optometrist & Owner of Eyeporium


Richie "Your Fortitude Valley Optometrist"


Some kids dream of becoming pilots, firefighters or even super heroes when they grow up.

I was a bit different.

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an optompreneur. And after years of study and more than a decade working as an independent contractor for optometry businesses all over Australia, I’m finally running my own show.

You see, I’ve worn glasses since I was 13 years old…

So I know how frustrating it can be to find an optometrist who can not only help you see better, but look fabulous while doing it.

I also know how difficult it can be to find an optometrist you can completely trust with your eye health.

Long story short, I thoroughly understand what it's like to go to an optometrist, with so much uncertainties as to whether he or she will be able to give me the best possible vision treatment options for my unique visual requirements and environment.


Will He/She think outside the box for potential vision solutions ? 

Will He / She put my best interest first above all else ?

Will I receive equal and best treatment each time ? 

Yes, Yes, & a BIG YES.  After all, I’ve been there and done that too for 21 Years (Omg) 

Here are just a few things that make our optometry service different, and what makes me, your friendly Brisbane optometrist, tick.

  • I started studying at university at 16, and in 2005 at 21 was the youngest optometrist to graduate in New Zealand
  • I’ve lived and travelled all over the world, and as a certified stylist and qualified optometrist, I’m passionate about finding the most beautiful frames in the world and sharing them with you
  • I’m a firm believer that you can never have too much knowledge, and it inspires and motivates me to continue to strive to be the best I can be. Because I want to provide the best possible – and most up-to-date – treatment for you, I keep up with the latest and greatest in the optometry world, attending conferences and workshops around Australia every year
  • I understand that wearing reading glasses can make you feel old beyond your years, and for some people wearing glasses is just not an option. I want you to make the best choice for your needs and can help you explore a range of alternatives, including multifocal contact lenses, mono vision contact lenses, or a combination of the two

Most importantly, I’ll never sacrifice your eye health or vision needs for the sake of profit. That’s why your eye tests will always be bulk billed, your contact lens and styling consultations free, and your choice of designer frames unmatched in the market.

Want to work with the Brisbane Optometrist who’s not like all the rest?

Dr. Richmond Tan B Optom AU, OA, CCLSA.  

As an eyecare company created solely to serve ALL people through vision / style with your own unique personality as a core ingredient of how we construct your customised personalised vision solution  (CPVS).   We have the added perks of being personable and yet professional... 

"When you ain’t have a nurturing family at 16 wandering alone in the alleys of Auckland university (NZ) & and you want to reach your absolute  bestest potential as a human being and you want the absolute best for All human beings ... 
There is no harm with being humbly/proud of your achievements despite adversities, inequalities, hardships & struggles you face  because it will by definition make you a better human being if that is what your hearts desire and you learn and leverage from it... "    ----- Richie Tan
Creativity & Frame Styling in conjunction with Optometry expertise equals - See and Feel Your Best Results  --  99.99 % Happy Clients  
Optometrist-Personal Stylist -RichieCreativity isn't replicable, so is the unique YOU...
Thank You New Zealand I am forever in your debt ( no pun intended ;o) and genuinely grateful & proud to be KIWI-Asian living in Australia & the World.  
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 PS You need to be fit to turn those dials from 1 to 2... to sometimes even 10...!!!

Now you all know me in relevance to how we can be of service to you. 

Want to SEE and FEEL Your BEST ?  

book your medicare bulk-billed eye test at Eyeporium Optometrist "Where Fashion Eyewear Meets Your Personality" 

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