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Good eye health starts with regular check-ups. For most people, that means a comprehensive eye test every 2 years, or more regularly if recommended by your optometrist. A thorough Eye examination can reveal underlying systemic conditions that could potentially be missed.  Whilst people may think eyes may not be necessarily be the window to your soul, they are definitely the window to your general health.  

What people don't know is "the eyes are very delicate, and the best treatment is prevention, and early intervention, as in the case of Retinal Diseases (Retinal Tear, and Detachments).

We strongly believe that to achieve the  best visual outcome and eye health for a person who presented with an eye problem.  The actual eye-care process from the start to the finish matters just as much as the treatment itself.  


Contact Lens Consultations

Having trouble reading your phone or think you’re too young for reading glasses? Contact lenses may be the solution for you. Our contact lens consultations include advice on everything from which contacts are right for you, to how to wear and look after them. Each consultation includes a comprehensive eye test and assessment of your suitability (we even have multi-focal contact lenses), along with practical, hands-on help on how to put them in, take them out and keep them clean. 

To get started, book your eye-test here, or give us a call and book your  contact lens consultation today.

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